Virtual streamed classes

We are now LIVE streaming many of our studio classes to help keep you physically and mentally fit during these crazy times. Whether you are isolating, unable to leave your house or still not quite ready to exercise in a gym setting, we have you covered. Download zoom , Book on to your class, Join class with Class ID: 748 709 5036.

If you have a MYZONE belt and you can still connect with us via MZ-Remote. 

-We will be recording all sessions. These recordings will not be viewed by any other person and only kept for insurance purposes. 
-We ask that your camera be switched on so the instructor can ensure correct technique and your safety. If you do not wish to have your camera on please state that you do not wish to and you accept responsibility of any injuries that could occur from the instructor not being able to see you to ensure you are carrying out the exercises properly. 
-Before participating ensure you have enough space around you and it is clear to exercise.