Try a class

£15 / a class
  • Zero commitment
  • Pay-as-you-go

Class Bundles

  • 10 and 20 Class Pack Bundles
  • Expiry date 3 months

10 class pack 

20 class pack

Gold Membership

£89 / Month
  • Unlimited any day,any time classes
  • Monthly rolling contract
  • Minimum 3 months period before cancellation
  • 20% discount off treatments, workshops and clothing
  • FREE Online virtual classes

Virtual On demand Membership

FREE during the months of June and July
£19.99 after July.
  • Live streamed classes
  • Pre-recorded classes
  • Facebook support group

Introductoy offer





Do I need to have a membership to use your studio?

No!  We have a pay as you go option which has no comitment so you can just pay for the class. We offer other memberships to save you money if you find yourself doing more classes. You can opt in anytime. 

Can I book and pay at the studio?

To make things quicker and streamline, we ask clients to book through the Bemore studio apt or website. You will have your own account which will keep track of your membership and classes. We do not accept cash at the studio. 

I am pregnant, can I only attend classes for pregnant women?

If you have never exercised before , we would recommend that you do not attend normal classes. We would suggest attending the classes specifically for pregnant women or having 1-2-1 sessions. Make sure you have doctors consent before participating in any exercise. 

Do I have to book the classes in advvance or can I just turn up?

You can just turn up. However we always suggest booking in advance to secure your spot as classes can get busy. We dont want you to miss out !!

Can I share my membership?

We ask that you do not book and share your membership or class packages with family or friends. This is simply because we need to ensure everyone who attends classes has been accounted for and signed a waiver. 

I have just had a baby and I would like to exercise. When can I start?

Congratulations! You can start exercising once you have had the green light from your doctor at the 6-8 week check up if natural birth and 12 weeks if you have had a C-section. We always say listen to your body and even though you have had a green light, it does not necessarily mean to start exercising. Maybe book on to our RIGHT START assessment if you are unsure.