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Welcome To Bemore Studio

We are a unique fitness and wellbeing hub helping and supporting women throughout the different stages of their lives. The #1 Boutique studio focusing on women’s health and fitness. This fitness and wellbeing hub was set up by women who are able to understand that women’s needs and wants are different. How you trained at 21 to maintain your body weight and strength, is not how you can train when you are 35, just had a baby or going through the menopause. Our bodies go through different life changes so therefore we have to train differently and smarter in order to reach our goals. 
We want to support women on a deeper level in their nutrition, fitness, weight loss or strength journey.We offer Bespoke tailored training programs, classes and other specialist services for ALL women including;
Beginner to Advanced, Pregnancy, Postnatal and the 3rd age women.
We want to support you to BeMore.

Whether you are a mum to be or a new mum, our hub has everything you need to keep you mentally and physically healthy pre and postnatally.

We offer the whole package to help keep you pain free and strong throughout this amazing stage of your life from nutrition, classes, personal training, massage and women’s health physio.

We want to crush the misconceptions of peri and post menopause and change women’s lives. Menopause has gotten a bad reputation over the years. A time of trauma, hot flushes, pelvic floor dysfunction, weight gain, uncontrollable, mood changes, osteoporosis. It does not have to be this way. There is life after menopause, a good life!

Let us help you bring the joy back in to your life. We don’t want you just surviving Menopause but thrive before, during and after.

Lets get the whole family on a journey to better health. We offer classes for every member of the family so everyone can workout without anyone missing out.

We offer classes that allow both parents to workout with their child and not having to worry about childcare or one of the parents having to stay home.

Numbers Speak

Over the 20 years, Carlie has taught over 100 classes and training programs for a variety of private and leisure run facilities, trained 100s of private clients and massaged many private and VIP clients.

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We are simply PASSIONATE and CARE about women’s wellbeing. Women are overlooked so much in life and constantly being judged. We offer a safe haven with no judgment and for you to feel comfortable in your own skin. Knowing that we are all in it together. Whatever your goals we can help you reach them safely and effectively.
We feel working on the foundations are the most important of all.
You would not build your house on unstable and weak foundations. Eventually the house will fall down.
Once you have strong foundations you can build on that.  We want women to feel strong, confident and look fabulous.
At Bemore studio we are breaking down the barriers which may stop you reaching your goals and offer you a one stop hub of amazing professionals. We offer you a lot of support and love.


Dive in the world of healthy and fitness

Timetable out Tuesday 4th August to start Monday 10th August. 


We offer a range of awesome classes from Barre, HIIT, Indoor cycling, Pilates, Rebound, Core, Animal flow to name a few, monthly workshops, Nutrition and training packages, Sports and Deep tissue massage, Rehab and physio. 

Everything you need to keep you happy mentally and physically.







What OUR Clients Say

"The trainers are great at getting to know everyone and pushing individuals within a class. I can honestly say that Bemore has been the foundation of my new found confidence, improved self-esteem, calmer outlook and has helped ensure I can carry my four year old on my shoulders all the way home after a long day without any twinges. Truly life changing and a great community to be part of."
Kate Etherton, Mortlake
"The work Carlie at BeMore has done for the wellbeing of the local community is phenomenal. I can see the lifeline she's given new mums, operating such a unique business helping women work on their physical, mental and social wellbeing."

Alex, East Sheen
"Its now become a family affair! BeMore provides classes for kids, and my kids have been really intrigued by mummy's boxing classes. And with the adult and kids sessions i've been able to take my son with me. He absolutely loves it, its given him real confidence and a real boost to find a sport he likes."

Sarah, Barnes

What we offer

We have 2 great sized, new, clean and beautiful studios where we offer a variety of classes for different levels. We have something for everyones taste. Studio 1 is host to Pilates, Yoga, Animal Flow, Barre, Rebound to name a few and studio 2 is purely dedicated to Functional Training and Indoor cycling. 

Our expert trainers and network of professionals can help and support you whatever your goal. We have flexible packages of 1,2 or 3 sessions per week over 3, 6 or 12 months with add ons of nutrition and massage. We reward you the more committed you are towards reaching your goals. Training takes place in our awesome, well equipped functional studio. We have everything we need to get you results! 

Whether you are a mum to be or a new mum, our hub has everything you need to keep you mentally and physically healthy pre and postnatally. We offer the whole package to help keep you pain free and strong throughout this amazing stage of your life from nutrition, classes, personal training packages to include Core, Diastasis and pelvic floor restore, massage and women’s health physio.

With the right guidance women over 35 years old can look and feel fabulous. Our 6 weeks MetStrong training package, not only will have you feeling great but it will have you understanding your body on a deeper level. Our bodies are a big chemical reaction and different stresses placed upon our bodies will unbalance these chemicals. Women at this amazing stage of their lives have to train differently and smartly. Over the 6 weeks we take a look at these stresses and how we can keep everything running smoothly in order to reach your goal.  You can choose 1-5, 30 minute sessions a week and you will be given workouts to do a home. The MetStrong Course includes nutritional guidance but if you need more 1-2-1 support we have a nutritionist who can help. 

Don’t you find that on the weekend you have to take turns to go to the gym or your class whilst the other one stays home to look after the little one? Or someone has to miss out? We have classes where both parents and the little ones can exercise together. Everyone can get their exercise in. WIN WIN! 

Massage is a powerful tool and there are multiple studies demonstrating its effectiveness for reducing stress, pain and muscle tension. There are many benefits for incorporating it in to your fitness regime to help with recovery and performance. We have 2 great treatment rooms with a host of treatments and professionals with their hands at the ready. A relaxing Lava shell massage or maybe a sports massage? We offer it. 

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