From our 2 spacious and well equipped studios and treatment rooms, we offer Bespoke tailored training programs, classes and other specialist services for ALL women including;

  • Beginner to Advanced
  • Pregnancy
  • Postnatal
  • And the 3rd Age woman (Peri and Post Menopause)

We want to support women on a deeper level in their nutrition, fitness, weight loss or strength journey. We want to support you to BeMore.

Don’t worry Men are allowed in to our studio as we have some great classes and training packages for everyone. We offer a range of awesome classes from Barre, HIIT, Functional training, Indoor cycling, Pilates, Rebound, Core, Animal flow to name a few, monthly workshops, Nutrition and training packages, Sports and Deep tissue massage, Rehab and physio. Everything you need to keep you happy mentally and physically.


Whether you are a mum to be or a new mum, our hub has everything you need to keep you mentally and physically healthy pre and postnatally. We offer the whole package to help keep you pain free and strong throughout this amazing stage of your life from nutrition, classes, personal training, massage and women’s health physio.



We want to crush the misconceptions of peri and post menopause and change women’s lives. Menopause has gotten a bad reputation over the years. A time of trauma, hot flushes, pelvic floor dysfunction, weight gain, uncontrollable, mood changes, osteoporosis. It does not have to be this way. There is life after menopause, a good life! Let us help you bring the joy back in to your life. We don’t want you just surviving Menopause but thrive before, during and after.


Lets get the whole family on a journey to better health. We offer classes for every member of the family so everyone can workout without anyone missing out.





Nothing quite compares to the one on one attention a personal trainer can give you. Our qualified trainers can help you if you have a specific training goal or want to improve quickly. Our trainers will keep you accountable to your fitness goals and motivate you to push yourself further.



We have everything you need to keep you feeling great and moving freely without pain. Whether it is a sports massage to help you recover quicker and improve your performance or you have back pain or you are looking to just chill, we got you! Our team are here to help put you back together.



A variety of classes for all abilities, levels and tastes. In studio 1 we offer an array of classes from Barre, Pilates, Yoga, Rebound, animal flow, dance, boxing, pregnancy and postnatal classes. Studio 2 is dedicated to indoor cycling and function training. We bring you the best instructors and the latest trend classes to give you results whilst having fun. 

What OUR Clients Say

"I went to Bemore studio for a deep tissue massage and I was NOT disappointed. In fact it was probably one of the best massages I EVER had. Thank you so much."
Nicholas Tzekos

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