Bridging the gap between personal training and large group training. Our Group Personal Training sessions will bring you the personal touch and results just like    1-2-1 will but without the expense. 

Our GPT sessions only have 1-6 women in a group. Because of the small groups we are able to personalise a program for you and just like 1-2-1 help you towards your goals in an individual way. 

Ultimately, small sessions allow our trainers to build a rapport and work closely with you from the very start. Our trainers get to know your individual goals, as well as your strengths and injuries, even in these small group training sessions, because we believe in building and maintaining relationships with our members. Each session at Bemore has a maximum capacity of 6 people to ensure that our trainers can pay attention to each individual person while still maintaining the hyped atmosphere and excitement that comes from working out in a small group. Sessions are also designed to ensure your form and technique are the main focus.

  1. Small groups of 1-6
  2. You can attend 2 GPT sessions a week
  3. You can attend 3 large group session a week
  4. Body fat, body measurements and photos completed every  month
  5. Fit test completed every 3 months
  6. Food diary analysis and guidance every month
  7. Weekly/bi-weekly check in

If you are interested in small group personal training most women start on our 6 weeks program which allows you to try the small and large group sessions and work out what suits you.