Whether you have just found out you are pregnant or you have given birth… Congratulations!! Whatever new stage you are at it is more important than ever to keep fit and healthy. Not only for your body but your mind. The right exercise during pregnancy and post birth can reduce or even prevent some of the issues your body will encounter due to your little cherub blossoming inside of you and as your body starts healing postpartum. At Bemore we understand the barriers that can stop mums to be and new mums exercising. We have created bespoke classes and training programs to make life a little easier for you.


Exercising during pregnancy has always been controversial. For years, mothers to be have been told to cut back exercise and take it easy despite the positive effects on the woman’s body and mind. The Royal College of Psychiatrists recommends exercise as a key factor in maintaining mental wellbeing during pregnancy, while recent research from the University of Southampton has shown that moderate intensity exercise is associated with lower rates of antenatal depression (which affects around one in 10 women at some point during pregnancy).

Exercising during your pregnancy is safe, healthy and a must! It will help prepare your body for giving birth and for motherhood. As a pregnant woman, you will not just stop moving. You will still have to bend, turn, run, walk, squat in life.

So why can’t you exercise?

As long as you listen to your body and not exert yourself. This is not a time for personal bests. Exercising during pregnancy could also help you recover quicker postnatally.


9 months of watching your body go through changes that you have had no control of. Your body changing day by day. Your mind still wanting to do all the things you did before but your body saying no. Every thought about protecting and progress of your baby with very little thought about yourself mentally and physically. Even when the baby is born all eyes are on your precious bundle and little focus is on the mother’s health. A quick prod of the stomach, “Make sure you do pelvic floor exercises!” and “Are you happy?” was a question I got asked twice before I was discharged. What is the Pelvic floor? When could I start exercising and getting my body back? All these questions I had but no answers. 

The brutal honest truth is it is all about the Baby. Little focus is on the new mum’s recovery and health. If time and energy was spent on the new mum’s recovery in the first 6 weeks, we would have reduced postnatal depression and post birth complications.


The truth be told there is a lot of information out there. Where do you start? Being postnatal means there are things you need to be careful and aware of. You cannot just start back doing your pre-pregnancy fitness regime. Your body has changed in 9 months and it needs to heal and knit itself back together again. You could have a diastasis, prolapse, weak pelvic floor. Bemore offers services to help and provides qualified and experienced trainers who go deeper and further to helping women during this stage. Have no clue where to start? Why not get IN TOUCH and lets discuss how we can help you and the best place to start or why not book in for our START RIGHT assessment.